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3 Rivers Business Association Officers and Contact Information
2012 Elected Officers

(From left to right) Janice Scruton- Secretary, Nancy Lusby-President, Liz Shelton - Co-President, Nancy Ranno -Treasurer
President: Nancy Lusby

Co-President: Liz Shelton

Secretary: Janice Scruton

Treasurer: Nancy Ranno
Phone: 603-747-2074

Phone: 603-747-3200

Phone: 603-747-3870

Phone: 802-757-2283
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Email: president@3riversbusinessassociation.com

Email: co-president@3riversbusinessassociation.com

Email: secretary@3riversbusinessassociation.com

Email: treasurer@3riversbusinessassociation.com
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3 Rivers Business Association
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Wells River, Vermont
Serving the New Hampshire & Vermont Three Rivers Communities
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Association Officers come from a diverse background and have a wide variety of experince. Don't hesitate to contact them with your questions, concerns or ideas. You don't have to be a member to contribute.
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